If you want to control your money instead of your money controlling you, then FPU is for you!

Destiny will begin the new year in 2019 with a 9-week journey through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. We believe when our financial posture, disciplines, and habits improve, then our families, marriages, dreams, and ministry will align with the great plan God has for each of us.

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  • 70% of us are "Normal" - broke and busted

    • Statistically over $30k in debt

    • Annual income is $40-$60k

    • It'll take you almost 6 years to pay off your debt

  • 16% of us are "Bankrupt"

    • Statistically we have 2 new cars ($32k), school loan ($20k), and credit card debt ($8k)

    • Total monthly expenses: $2,840

  • 2% of us are experiencing "Death by Credit Cards"

    • Same as the "Bankrupt" 16% above, but add an additional $100k in credit card debt

    • You've lost all hope of ever getting out of debt!


FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions.

+ What is FPU membership?

When you purchase a Financial Peace University (FPU) membership, you receive all the class materials and access to the FPU online resources you need to succeed. Your membership means that you can attend the FPU class as often as you like. Spouses and engaged couples can attend together with a single membership, and teens living at home are welcome to attend with their parents.

+ How often & when do classes meet?

Classes are typically held once per week for nine consecutive weeks. Our classes begin JAN 13 and end MAR 13.

Our Schedule is as follows:

  • Sundays | 2-4pm (Destiny Church | 28328 CR13 | Daphne AL 36526)
  • Tuesdays | 6-8pm (Destiny Church | 28328 CR13 | Daphne AL 36526)
  • Wednesdays | 6-8pm (Destiny Church | 28328 CR13 | Daphne AL 36526)

+ How much does the class cost?

Destiny FPU classes cost $69 for couples or single adults. The cost covers all FPU materials in the class kit.

+ How is each class structured?

Each class session lasts approximately an hour and a half. For the first half of the class, Dave Ramsey teaches on DVD. During the second half, class members come together for a small-group discussion and hands-on activities. Group members support and encourage each other as they work to change their financial futures.

+ What is the average size of the class?

The average class size is between 8–12 families (12–24 people).

+ Will I be asked to provide any personal financial information?

A couple of times throughout the nine lessons, we will collect financial data to get a cumulative financial view of the class. This data is strictly confidential and will not be tied to any personally identifiable information.

+ Who benefits from this program?

Everyone can benefit from this program, regardless of age (whether you are 21 or 61), income (whether you make $12,000 or $100,000 per year) and marital status. Everyone benefits from FPU!

+ Are there any refunds?

Our guarantee is simply this: If you do it, it works! If you don't do it, it won't work! If you work the program, you won't want your money back. If you don't work the program, you don't get your money back. We will help you as much as needed throughout the program to ensure your success. We truly hope this becomes a major blessing to you and your family!