Hurdles: Taking Steps



Think of something that you have been viewing as an obstacle.

Now begin thinking of it as a challenge to something more "abundant" that the Father has waiting on you.


Your situation has been given to you in an amount "you can handle."

Lay out a strategy "to handle it" and begin to DREAM of the greater things the Father has in store for you.

Reconciled Sons and Daughters


You have the rights of sonship...

1. We are safe - there is nothing to fear.

2. We have divine DNA.

3. We have access to the Father.

4. We have the Father's attention & affection.

5. We have assurance of our sonship.

6. We have unimaginable wealth & resources.

7. We will have some sufferings; shared glory.


Here's a challenge for you:

Change the way you speak to God from "formal" to "intimate/close." You are no longer slaves to sins; you are sons/daughters.

Example: Not This: "Dear God"

                This: "Our Father, Daddy, Dad, Papa"